importance of 6 month checkupsHere at Gentle Dental Center, we want to help you maintain your oral health. As adults, people often do not place enough importance on keeping their 6-month teeth cleaning appointments. Each check up involves so much more than just teeth cleaning.

What to expect at your 6-month appointment:

  • We discuss any changes in your family’s dental history.

  • You will receive a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gum line that can help prevent bad breath, cavities and gum disease.

  • Your dentist will provide a full examination of your teeth, gums and mouth in order to determine if there are any signs of disease.

  • Some appointments may include X-rays. Your dentist will use the X-rays to check for any unnoticeable oral problem such as impacted teeth, jawbone damage or decay between teeth.

Why is it so important?

  • We will recommend the toothbrush, toothpaste and any other oral products which are best for your teeth.

  • We will discuss your current oral health and dental history in order to recommend the appropriate number of dental appointments you should make each year.

  • We will evaluate your risk for any possible dental disease. If you are at risk, we can recommend any changes you can make to lower your risk.

What are the benefits of maintaining your dental health?

  • We can help save your confident smile by catching tooth decay or gum disease early.

  • You will enjoy the clean feeling in your mouth after your cleaning. Each cleaning also prevents embarrassing bad breath.

  • By catching issues early, we can help protect your overall health.

Help protect your oral health by scheduling an appointment today. Please contact us at Gentle Dental Center at (757) 431-1300 or schedule online. We have two convenient locations in Virginia Beach for your family and cosmetic dental needs: Holland Road and Landstown.